• June 14, 2024
  • Daska Rd, Miani, Sialkot, Punjab 51310, Pakistan

Pattern-Making & cutting

Pattern-Making & Cutting

In the realm of garment creation, the Pattern-Making & Cutting Department at 3Gearz stands as the architectural foundation, where precision intertwines with creativity to give birth to exceptional garments.

This foundational department masterfully conducts a seamless process, comprising several specialized sub-departments, each an indispensable contributor to the crafting of garments that seamlessly marry form and function.

Pattern Making & Scanning

At the heart of our design process lies Pattern Making & Scanning, where innovation meets meticulous planning. Our skilled pattern makers employ cutting-edge technology to transform design concepts into tangible blueprints. The scanning process ensures accuracy and consistency, laying the groundwork for garments that not only meet but exceed expectations in fit and style.

GGT Paper Pattern

The use of GGT (Graded, Grading, and Marker Making Technology) Paper Pattern further refines our precision. This advanced technology aids in creating graded patterns that cater to a diverse range of sizes, ensuring that our garments provide an impeccable fit for every body type. The GGT Paper Pattern serves as a vital tool in maintaining consistency throughout the production process.

Cake Cutting

In the symphony of garment creation, Cake Cutting emerges as a crucial step in translating patterns into tangible pieces. This automated process optimizes efficiency and accuracy, ensuring that each component aligns seamlessly with the original design. Cake Cutting not only enhances precision but also contributes to minimizing waste, embodying our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Manual Cutting

While automation streamlines many processes, the human touch remains irreplaceable in certain aspects. Manual Cutting allows for intricate detailing and precision, particularly when working with delicate fabrics or complex patterns. Our skilled craftsmen bring years of expertise to the table, ensuring that each cut is executed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

After Sublimation Cutting

Post sublimation, the After Sublimation Cutting phase refines the garments further. This meticulous process involves trimming and shaping the pieces to their final form. Attention to detail is paramount, as this stage sets the stage for subsequent manufacturing steps. After Sublimation Cutting is the bridge between the initial design vision and the tangible realization of a garment ready to make its mark in the market.

In the Pattern-Making & Cutting Department, precision and creativity converge seamlessly, setting the stage for the entire garment production process. From digital innovations to skilled craftsmanship, each sub-department plays a vital role in sculpting garments that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our discerning clientele. At 3Gearz, our Pattern-Making & Cutting Department is where the art and science of garment creation harmoniously unite.