• December 5, 2023
  • Miani, Daska Road, Sialkot 51310, Pakistan

Raw Material

Raw Material Procurement

The Raw Material Procurement department at 3Gearz is the foundation of our commitment to quality, durability, and innovation. Here’s a comprehensive look at the meticulous process that ensures every product we create meets the highest standards, beginning with the selection of Swatch Fabric, Threads, Buttons, and Zippers.

Swatch Fabric

Selection: Our procurement specialists work closely with reputable fabric suppliers to source Swatch Fabric that aligns with our design and quality specifications.

Quality Inspection: Every batch of Swatch Fabric undergoes a rigorous quality inspection to ensure it meets our standards for color, texture, and durability.

Versatility: Swatch Fabric is carefully chosen to match the diverse needs of our product range, from activewear to casual wear.


Variety Assessment: Threads are selected based on their strength, color range, and compatibility with different fabrics.

Strength Testing: Our quality control team tests thread strength to ensure they can withstand the stresses of stitching and wear.

Color Consistency: Threads are checked for color consistency to maintain uniformity in our products.

Button & Zipper

Design Alignment: Buttons and zippers are chosen to complement the design and functionality of each product, ensuring they enhance the overall aesthetic and utility.

Durability Check: We prioritize buttons and zippers that are built to withstand repeated use and laundering, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Compatibility: Buttons and zippers are selected to match the fabric and stitching techniques used in each product.

Quality Assurance and Storage

Documentation: All sourced raw materials are documented, including their specifications, supplier details, and quality assessment.

Storage Conditions: Swatch Fabric, Threads, Buttons, and Zippers are stored in controlled environments to prevent damage from moisture, sunlight, or pests.

Collaboration: Our Raw Material Procurement department works closely with other departments to ensure the availability of materials when needed for production.

Elevating Our Standards

At 3Gearz, the Raw Material Procurement process is a vital step towards creating exceptional products. The careful selection, inspection, and storage of Swatch Fabric, Threads, Buttons, and Zippers lay the groundwork for the excellence that defines our brand. Through collaboration and a commitment to quality, we ensure that our raw materials meet the highest industry standards and contribute to the exceptional products we offer, from Trousers to Golf attire.