• May 24, 2024
  • Daska Rd, Miani, Sialkot, Punjab 51310, Pakistan

Research & Development

Research & Development

The heartbeat of innovation within 3Gearz echoes through the Research & Development Department, where every thread of creativity is woven into the fabric of cutting-edge garment design.

This visionary department is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion, introducing novel concepts and technological advancements. Comprising several specialized sub-departments, each with a distinct focus, the Research & Development Department ensures that our products not only meet current trends but pioneer the future of sportswear and lifestyle apparel.


At the forefront of the creative process lies the Designing sub-department, where our talented designers translate concepts into captivating visual narratives. This stage is where ideas come to life, with a meticulous focus on aesthetics, functionality, and market relevance. Designing sets the foundation for our garments, reflecting the dynamic fusion of style and purpose that defines the 3Gearz brand.

3D Prototyping & Mockups

Taking design to the next level, the 3D Prototyping & Mockups sub-department employs cutting-edge technology to create three-dimensional representations of our designs. This step allows us to visualize garments in detail, refining shapes, fits, and features before production begins. The marriage of virtual innovation with real-world practicality ensures that our creations not only look exceptional on the drawing board but translate seamlessly into tangible, high-quality products.

Manage Testing & Photography

The Manage Testing & Photography sub-department bridges the gap between design and real-world functionality. Here, garments undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the demands of various activities. Additionally, this stage involves capturing the essence of each design through professional photography, showcasing the products in their intended environment. Manage Testing & Photography adds a layer of authenticity to our creations, ensuring that they not only look good but perform exceptionally in diverse scenarios.


The culmination of the Research & Development journey takes place in the Sampling sub-department, where prototypes come to life. Skilled artisans bring the designs into tangible form, creating initial samples that serve as a tangible representation of the envisioned garments. This stage allows for detailed evaluation, refining designs based on real-world assessments before mass production begins. Sampling ensures that our commitment to innovation and quality is realized in every piece that carries the 3Gearz label.

In the Research & Development Department at 3Gearz, each sub-department is a crucible of innovation, where creativity converges with technology to shape the future of sportswear and lifestyle apparel. This department is not merely about following trends but about setting them, ensuring that every garment reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering products that resonate with the evolving needs and aspirations of our customers.