• December 9, 2023
  • Miani, Daska Road, Sialkot 51310, Pakistan

Tagging & Packing

Tagging & Packing

In the Tagging & Packing department at 3Gearz, the journey from design to reality culminates in the meticulous preparation of our products for their journey to you. Explore the intricate process that ensures each garment, from Trousers to Activewear, is carefully tagged, pressed, packed, and dispatched to reach you in perfect condition.

Steam Pressing

Flawless Presentation: Steam Pressing is a crucial step in ensuring that garments are presented crisply and wrinkle-free.

Professional Finish: Our skilled operators use steam pressing to eliminate creases, ensuring your garments look their best as soon as you open the package.


Brand Identification: Tags are added to garments to identify them as genuine 3Gearz products and provide care instructions for maintenance.

Personal Touch: Tags may also contain special messages or branding elements that connect you to our brand’s values and mission.


Protective Enclosure: Garments are meticulously placed inside protective packaging, ensuring they remain clean and undamaged during transit.

Order Accuracy: Our packing team ensures that each order is accurately assembled, so you receive the products you’ve chosen in pristine condition.


Safe Journey: Once packed, your order is dispatched with care to ensure that it reaches you in the same perfect condition it left our facility.

Timely Delivery: Our logistics team collaborates with reliable shipping partners to ensure your order is delivered within the promised time frame.

Delivering Excellence to Your Doorstep

The Tagging & Packing department is the final guardian of the excellence that defines 3Gearz. Through Steam Pressing, Tagging, Packing, and Dispatching, we ensure that every garment is presented with pride, care, and precision. From the moment you receive your package to the moment you wear our products, our commitment to quality and attention to detail shine through. From Trousers to Activewear and beyond, we take pride in preparing and delivering products that reflect the passion and dedication we put into every step of the process.